What is Land of Eem?

Land of Eem is a tabletop roleplaying published in partnership with indie game publisher, Exalted Funeral. Land of Eem is about adventurers exploring and discovering the remnants of a forgotten, better age.

Players portray lore-seeking travelers, fortune-seeking pioneers and adventure-seeking heroes in a time devoid of them. But for all its post-apocalyptic doom and gloom, Land of Eem is tonally quite lighthearted and droll.  

Set in the world of our two fantasy series Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo and Dungeoneer Adventures, the game combines Lord of the Rings high fantasy epicness with a heavy dose of Muppets-like whimsy and a dash of Mad Max dystopia.

Together with Exalted Funeral, we're launching the Core Rulebook, a Bestiary and the first Land of Eem sandbox campaign setting: The Mucklands, a realm of 6 unique regions filled to the brim with locations, NPCs, and quests. 

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What is the age range for Land of Eem?

Ages 12+

What system is Land of Eem?

Our own D12 Dice System. Land of Eem has a simple dice mechanic that allows for degrees of success and failure. Both the GM and players are encouraged to have input on interpreting the results!

Is the Sandbox Setting compatible with other games?

Yes! The Mucklands Sandbox Setting (and future settings) is flexible enough to be used with any system. There are hundreds Locations, NPCs, Rumors, Quest Hooks, ready to be used as they are or plugged into your own campaign.

What are "Adventure Tones"?

Land of Eem has something for everyone. Adventures, whether they're modules or in the Mucklands Sandbox Setting, each have a tone so you'll know what kind of vibe to expect as a GM or player. Hijinks for fun, light-hearted adventures. Derring-Do for dangerous, daring, heroic adventures. And Doom and Gloom for darker, more serious adventures with high stakes.

Are Dungeoneer Adventures or Rickety Stitch connected to Land of Eem?

Yes! Both series take place in the same world, known as the Land of Eem. If you're a fan of Land of Eem and graphic novels you might enjoy Rickety Stitch. And if you've got a middle-grader in the house, they might enjoy Dungeoneer Adventures!

Where can I buy Land of Eem?

You can sign up now to support Land of Eem on BackerKit now.


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