"The Lord of the Rings meets The Muppets!"

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What is Land of Eem?

Land of Eem is a lighthearted fantasy RPG presented in an easy to use, easy to learn Core Rulebook. It's packed with rules and resources that encourage players to be creative and ease the burden on GMs.

In addition to the Core Rulebook, we're launching a fully illustrated Bestiary and the first Land of Eem Sandbox Campaign Setting: The Mucklands, a realm of 6 unique regions filled to the brim with locations, NPCs, and quests.  

Rules That Support Creativity 

Land of Eem emphasizes player creativity and collaborative storytelling, with character abilities that allow players to invent and shape the world around them. The game is more about roleplaying, teamwork, exploration, and finding lost treasures, than it is about always fighting monsters--though that's definitely part of the game!

Colorful Characters 

Choose from 16 Folk species (like the gelatinous goo, skeleton, or the turtle-like quortle), in addition to 6 character Classes (The Bard, The Dungeoneer, The Gnome, The Knight-Errant, The Loyal Chum, and the Rascal) each with 20 unique Abilities. Play as a Shrym Knight-Errant riding a trusty zozo bird, a Mushrum Dungeoneer exploring the ruins of a lost civilization, or a Goblin Rascal planning a heist against a river baron! 

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"The system is really easy, rules-light, and you can have a lot of fun with it."


PUNGEON QUEST: a pun-packed dungeon adventure for tabletop RPGs

Featured during Kickstarter's Zine Quest, Pungeon Quest is a system-neutral, randomized dungeon adventure full of punny encounters, set in the Land of Eem!


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