The Last Kids on Earth gets a fantasy twist in Dungeoneer Adventures, the exciting first book in a new, highly illustrated middle grade series about the adventures of a boy who’s the only human student at an academy for future explorers.

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Dungeoneer Adventures!

Coop Cooperson lives in the Land of Eem, a fantastical realm where many different species live together and there is always more magic to be discovered by those up to the task. The Dungeoneer Academy trains future explorers with classes like Dungeons and Mazes, Creatures and Critters, and Swords and Sorcery.

Coop believes in the academy’s mission and the Dungeoneer’s Code, but being the only human student can make it difficult to fit in—sometimes he wonders if he really belongs. Lucky for Coop, his best friend Oggie the bugbear has his back, as do the two other members of their exploring team, Daz the boggart and Mindy the imp. They have to rely on each other more than ever as the test for their Junior Dungeoneer Badges looms closer.

If Coop and his friends fail to run the final gauntlet in the fungal jungle, they will have to leave the academy. As future dungeoneers, they know to expect the unexpected, but nothing could prepare them for the adventure in store.

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