"The Lord of the Rings meets The Muppets."

Diverse and Colorful Characters

Land of Eem RPG is full of unique character options! Choose from 15 different species (like the gelatinous goo or the turtle-like quortle). And pick from 6 character classes with 20 unique abilities that allow players to be creative!

Play as a a shrym knight-errant riding a trusty zozo bird, a skeleton dungeoneer exploring the ruins of a lost civilization, or a goblin rascal planning a heist against a river baron!

"Oh, this book is so good!"

Rules-light, Roleplaying Fun

Land of Eem RPG is easy to get started and can be as simple or crunchy as you choose. The game emphasizes player creativity and collaborative storytelling, with character abilities that allow players to invent and shape the world around them.

Land of Eem RPG is more about roleplaying, teamwork, exploration, and finding lost treasures, than it is about always fighting monsters--though that's definitely part of the game!

"The system is really easy, rules-light, and you can have a lot of fun with it."

Creatures and Critters Galore

Land of Eem RPG is chock of full of original and classic fantasy creatures, each with an unusual spin on traditional tropes. The bestiary in the core rulebook contains over 100 creatures and critters, all illustrated in full color!

Not only that, but the Mucklands Realm sandbox setting is home to dozens of NPC factions and unique adversaries-- enough content to last a GM for years.

Inspired by a rich, expansive world.

Land of Eem RPG is inspired by the fantasy graphic novel series, Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo. But you don’t need to read the books to play! In fact, the Mucklands Realm sandbox setting is almost entirely system-neutral, so GMs can use it with any RPG system.

Gigantic, Hex Crawl Map to Explore

Packed with tons of random tables, the game also includes a beautifully illustrated map with hundreds of locations, NPCs, quest hooks, and rumors for players GMs and players to run a long-lasting, diverse campaign.

Hijinks, Heroics, or Peril...You Decide

Land of Eem is a world that’s both wacky and wondrous. Embark on adventures that are as silly or as serious as your group prefers! All adventures and quests in the sandbox setting are categorized by three different tones:

  • Hijinks (Think The Muppets or Labyrinth)
  • Derring-Do (Think The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit)
  • Doom & Gloom (Think Conan the Barbarian or Mad Max).

However you’d like to play, Land of Eem supports it with content!

"[Land of Eem] is so nice and refreshing!"

Stunning Art
and Design

We've assembled an incredible group of artists, editors, and designers for Land of Eem RPG. The book has a beautiful, easy to use layout and is loaded with inspiring landscapes, characters, and creatures.

In addition to the art of Ben Costa, we've enlisted artists Justin Gerard, Sean Kiernan, Anneliese Mak, Sam Mameli, Corinne Caro, Alex Ahad, and Ben Seto...just to name a few! The game's layout designer is the award-winning Vee Hendro (Good Society), and its editors are the award-winning duo Fiona Geist and Jarrett Crader (Mothership, Troika).

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About Us

We’re Ben Costa and James Parks, creators of the fantasy graphic novel series Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo, and Land of Eem RPG.

We write everything together, and Ben is the artist. We’ve been best pals since the 2nd grade and grew up on comics, zines, and tabletop roleplaying games.

Land of Eem has been a labor of love and together with the amazing talent of award-winning of creatives like Justin Gerard, Fiona Geist, Jarret Crader, Vee Hendro, Sean Kiernan, Sam Mameli, Ben Seto, Alex Ahad, Corinne Caro, Anneliese Mak, and more...we've finally put together a beautiful game world we think you'll love.